Bond Calling

Protection against unfair &
fair calls of on-demand bonds

Unfair and Fair calling insurance protects exporters and contractors against the calling of “on demand” bonds, such as bid, advance payment, performance, retention or warranty bonds where they are not in default of their contractual obligations or the bond is called fairly due to a political risk event.

Provides protection against the cashflow and margin impact of a bond call and is a useful tool in managing counterparty and country risks / aggregate exposures.

An Expert Team

Our team has the ability to provide innovative solutions to mitigate clients’ diverse political and payment risks for our clients who include major investment and commercial banks, significant commodity traders and international corporates. The insurance broking team’s background of working for financial institutions, corporates and commodity traders, gives us a unique perspective how to best structure an effective insurance product for our clients. The team includes a former insurance underwriter and brokers who had previously worked in large broking houses.


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